EXPLORING SPACE: Karina Kraenzle – BLINK Artist Residency



Artist Statement:

Though originally expecting to be exploring the space in and around Header House for my first Blink Artist Residency, I’ve chosen instead to explore a different kind of space – the pictorial kind – through the art of collage, something I’ve always wanted to pursue in more depth. The Blink Residency is providing permission to play, and Header House is providing a fresh perspective (and lovely light) for exploring the space between object and image – and the space inside my head. This is the beginning of something new – so, not a lot of words for now – plenty of time for that later.

Karina Kraenzle, BLINK member-artist

DSC_0732 copyb



The last Blink Artist Residency of the season is shared between Karina Kraenzle and Barbara Cuerden, with participant photographer Tom Evans, and is open to the public for comments and conversation Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm.

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