Jessica Aylsworth and Jon Booth: Memory Forest Revisited

memory forest

Jessica and Jon are local Ottawa artists who work to create installations which engage multiple senses and encourage active and playful experiencing of art.

Memory Forest Revisited is an installation which invites the viewer to actively experience art while exploring the concept of memory. The viewer is invited to walk through the hanging drawings on translucent panels of organza, which move as you walk past them, and experience the continually changing soundscape.

The installation ask how do we relive memories? Are we passive observers watching replays or do we actively navigate between memories? Do memories present themselves in the entirety of the experience or as snippets and glimpses?

By exploring the glimpses into memories viewers are invited to interact with the images and forge connections into their own memories.

EXHIBITION: Memory Forest Revisited: Collaborative installation by Jessica Aylsworth and Jon Booth


DATES:  August 11th – 14th

VERNISSAGE / OPENING NIGHT: Thursday August 11th from 6-9pm



TWITTER: @A&BCollective

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