Jennifer Stewart: Stills from an Unfinished Film

Exhibition: Friday though Sunday 12-5pm
Vernissage: Thursday, Sept 1, 6-9pm
Location: Blink Gallery, Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa, accross from the National Gallery of Canada
Paid parking below the National Gallery or in neighboring streets.

jennifer stewart - unfinished film - crop

Stills from an Unfinished Film is an incomplete narrative. The viewer experiences the work and leaves with their own interpretation.

The original super 8 was filmed with intention of creating a moving piece. Upon observation, each segment became a self-portrait. What the audience sees are prints of the film, arranged in groups, framed or hanging from the walls.

The audio piece takes recordings from the artist’s life and uses pedals as a means of distorting the sounds. The result is an eerie, abstract piece that lends itself to the mood of the exhibit.

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