Jenny McMaster: Shadow Play


Friday, September 30th to Sunday October 2nd , 12 to 5pm
Vernissage Thursday, September 29th from 6 to 9pm

Shadow Play is a meditation on the porousness and inter-connectivity of living organisms and human concepts. The absorption and exchange of light, oxygen, and water are essential to existence of life. From a philosophical standpoint concepts and consciousness do not exist in isolation but are the product of a network of influences with no one original source.

The works displayed are shapes cast in abaca paper pulp detailed with pierce work and embroidery stitches. Numerous organic forms are suspended as if characters in a puppet theatre or multiple terrestrial plains stacked one above the other. The cast shadows in the exhibition point to the uniqueness of each instance of the artwork’s installation serving as a metaphor for how an entity changes with each environment it inhabits. Figure and ground are not separate.


Artist Bio

Jenny McMaster’s art combines painting, fibres and stitch work. Her recent work uses handmade paper and embroidery to portray maps and natural textural terrains. Her installations often involve the use of light, shadow and suspension. In the past Jenny has experimented with the creation of maps through automatist techniques and social encounters. To this end she hosted an interactive performance at Chinatown Remixed the resulting fibre and paper works were exhibited in Private Sea and Social Tea Maps and Table Top Cosmologies in 2012 and 2013. In an effort to further explore collaborative and participatory art practice, Jenny took part in a thematic residency entitled Society is a Workshop at Banff Centre in 2013. She will be showing more of her map works at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in 2017. About ten years ago Jenny’s interest in fibres, external encasements and the sociology of food lead to a collaborative performance with Karina Bergmans in the Cake Show at Pukka Gallery. This fall the two artists will present a sequel entitled Meat Meet at Gallery 101.

In 2013 Jenny joined the Enriched Bread Artist Studios and Blink Gallery. She frequently shows through both venues. Jenny has exhibited at Centrepointe Theatre Gallery, City Hall Gallery, the Ottawa School of Art, the OAG, Art Guise, Pukka Gallery and the Centre Town Art Tour in Ottawa. Her art was purchased by the City of Ottawa in 2011. She was a featured artist at the Tree Reading Series in 2010. She has also shown her work at the ARTSIDA Auction and Concordia’s VAV Gallery in Montreal as well as Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Gallery 1313, Engine Gallery and AWOL in Toronto.

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