Rob Friday: Food and Medicine

First Nations artist, Rob Friday presents “Food and Medicine” at Blink Gallery August 4th to 7th, 2016. Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Poetry Reading Sunday, August 7th, 4:00 pm While primarily a painter, in this exhibition Friday will also explore the intricacy of paper ‘quilling’ to re-imagine […]


Ellie Macintyre at Blink Sept 2015

Fruits of Our Labour: Residency Celebration!

Lisa Creskey and Ellie Macintyre welcome you to their Residency Celebration Sunday September 13 from 1 to 4 PM In a residency that has spanned the Labour Day weekend, ceramic artist Lisa Creskey and guest artist Ellie Macintyre have been paying tribute to the work and the contributions that artists make. By […]


Lisa Creskey

Lisa will be at work at Blink:  12-5pm, Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th, and Friday the 11th through Sunday the 13th. Come join her on the last day of the residency from 12-5 pm, Sunday September 13, to share the fruits of her labour! Stay tuned to find out more soon…

Heart Break by Cynthia O’Brien

Sometimes I’m moved to write, so here’s what prompted me “Heartbreak as evolution of the heart. That’s what I thought after taking in Cynthia’s white clay ‘Heartbreak’ seen here at her studio residency at Blink Gallery (don’t miss it this and next weekend). She worked through some heart ache at […]


Residency Update: Michael Ashley

How do you visualize such an immense catastrophe as the First World War? This is the question I’ve been dwelling on during my residency at Blink Gallery this past week. Please join me on Sunday afternoon, July 19, to see what I’ve developed. This documentary project was inspired by the […]

First Residency of the Season: Michael Ashley

This week Blink kicks off a summer of residencies with audio visual artist Michael Ashley. The subject of his explorations will be Impressions of the Great War, 1914 -1918. Visit the artist at work between 12 and 5, Friday the 10th through Sunday the 12th, and the following weekend between […]