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New Member Artist: Michael Ashley’s Four Dimensions

“Ambiguity thrills me as I explore the dominance of the visual and the seductiveness of representation. My interest in a holistic approach and in avoiding being typecast has led me to intermedia. This itself is a practice that occupies an ambiguous conceptual space within the art world and art history. My experience with […]


Artist Deborah Margo curates something, leading to something else…. Curator’s Statement and information about the artists: Something Leads to Something Else considers how artists conceptualize their research, of how their work comes to be.  It is not a definitive account, but rather allowing room for different approaches, across different media, including […]

Genevieve Cloutier: Performing Ghosts

Artist’s Statement: As a hauntological artist pursuing graduate work in education, I deconstruct my silenced First Nation Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) ancestry as I look towards the intergenerational narratives of my grandmother, mother, and I. I employ the arts-based educational research methodology of a/r/tography, the intersection of autobiography and art-making, as I […]

First Blink Residency: Cynthia O’Brien & Barbara Cuerden

Coming to Terms      Cynthia O’Brien The First Blink Residency begins with the interment of flowers within the earth.  This composition of clay flowers by Cynthia O’Brien is a burial of work and emotion, creating compost for new insights to be developed, as the artists confine themselves at Blink. […]


  Whispers project brings together the resonance between three artists – musician/composer Judith Manger, visual artist Maria Gomez Umaña, and poet charles c smith. During three days this summer, the artists will present a collaborative performance to show notions of healing – individually, as community, as a planet. Each artist is active in […]


Artists Stephanie Marton, Jessie Raymond and Zanaib Hussain occupy Blink with work curated by Anna Paluch. “Mapping Ottawa” references how artists Stephanie Marton, Jessie Raymond and Zainab Hussain uniquely document their surroundings in the city they live in, Ottawa. The show is meant to portray various features of Ottawa, whether […]


Paintings by Maria Lezon;  Drawings and performance by Bozica Radjenovic Exhibition: June  13 – June 15, 2014 Vernissage: Thursday, June 12, 2014, 18:00–21:00 Performance: Crossing the Blood Lines June 14, 15:00 In Keeping the Fire, Maria Lezon and Bozica Radjenovic’s paintings and drawings utilize the concept of fire to address […]

Blink goes viral- (or will go viral…. ) that’s what we hope

Without a wordpress video upgrade, I am linking artist/member interviews from yesterday’s opening, posted to youtube by Liana Voia. Liana hosts the radio show Contemplative, Expressive and Imaginative Arts. Her videos present artists, therapists, and practitioners who Liana has interviewed for a better understanding of their work. Radio interviews are […]

Apt 613 warm-up interview and review of Blink with Bozica Radjenovic

This just in! Excerpt from Ania Szneps article “So what makes this gallery any different from what you’d expect to find on Wellington Street? Well, for starters, BLINK asks that its artists utilize both the interior and exterior space “as a laboratory for creative approaches and interventions,” and encourages its members to […]