Michael Ashley

Nuit Blanche at Blink: The Untold Story

  Nuit Blanche 2015 at Blink Gallery: Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 1am At least once a day someone walks into Blink Gallery and asks, “What did this building use to be?” We’ve heard a few different stories about Header House – It housed ammunition for the cannons positioned […]

Header House copy2

New Member Artist: Michael Ashley’s Four Dimensions

“Ambiguity thrills me as I explore the dominance of the visual and the seductiveness of representation. My interest in a holistic approach and in avoiding being typecast has led me to intermedia. This itself is a practice that occupies an ambiguous conceptual space within the art world and art history. My experience with […]

Unity and Dualities/ Michael Ashley seeds sounds

On the heels of the Creative Cities Conference, Michael Ashley creates two audio-visual installations. This exhibition deals with vibration, its expression as sound, the manifestation of sound as language and the translation of language from an aural to a visual experience. The interactive installation “Pranava” plays with the Eastern idea […]