Nuit Blanche Ottawa

Nuit Blanche at Blink: The Untold Story

  Nuit Blanche 2015 at Blink Gallery: Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 1am At least once a day someone walks into Blink Gallery and asks, “What did this building use to be?” We’ve heard a few different stories about Header House – It housed ammunition for the cannons positioned […]

Header House copy2

ECHO: Tami Galili Ellis and Erin Robertson, Sept. 19-21, vernissage Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche

Artists’ Statement: echo noun ˈe-(ˌ)kō  Something that is similar to something that happened or existed before (such as a feature or quality) that repeats or resembles something else.  merriamwebster   Echo  drawing/installation at Blink Tami Galili Ellis and Erin Robertson bounce the elements of form, line space and colour off […]

Table Top Cosmologies Mapped Out Sept. 19-22

This exhibition explores the table top as a locus of personal and sociological interaction.  As an artist I create sites for dialogue, posing questions, provoking discussion and mapping the character of these conversations as they unfold.  Spills and cup rings, encouraged by a multiple spouted pitcher and perforated pinch pots, […]

Blink at Nuit Blanche: Sounded Like A Great Party

A pulsing red light emanated from the windows of Blink Gallery,  as a loud blur of voices and overheard conversations wafted into the night air. Blink acted as a Beacon for the liveliness of a good art party crowd- a party you might want to get in on. But the […]