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Nuit Blanche at Blink: The Untold Story

  Nuit Blanche 2015 at Blink Gallery: Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 1am At least once a day someone walks into Blink Gallery and asks, “What did this building use to be?” We’ve heard a few different stories about Header House – It housed ammunition for the cannons positioned […]

Header House copy2

Barbara Staulus: Between Here and Then

Between Here and Then is an exhibition that explores the relationship between the railway and imaging technology. Incorporating photography, video and sculpture, the exhibition presents visions of real and imagined train travel, focusing on the mystery and allure of moving through time and space. Barbara Staulus is an artist who […]


Paintings by Maria Lezon;  Drawings and performance by Bozica Radjenovic Exhibition: June  13 – June 15, 2014 Vernissage: Thursday, June 12, 2014, 18:00–21:00 Performance: Crossing the Blood Lines June 14, 15:00 In Keeping the Fire, Maria Lezon and Bozica Radjenovic’s paintings and drawings utilize the concept of fire to address […]

David Becker: Television Dreams, June 5-8

Artist’s Statement:  This is the debut of an experimental series based on images taken from a television monitor.   Much of what we see on commercial television is mostly flash and very little substance – essentially meaningless.  Nevertheless, the imagery is calculated to draw the viewer in with colour and […]

Blink Night Cafe/Nuit Blanche 2013

ORPHANS: Meaghan Haughian shapes stories

Artists Statement: As artists, we often work in series, creating a body of work with a specific end date in mind. But what happens to the pieces that don’t fit into that theme or aren’t completed in time for a particular show? In my case, they lie in piles around […]

Unity and Dualities/ Michael Ashley seeds sounds

On the heels of the Creative Cities Conference, Michael Ashley creates two audio-visual installations. This exhibition deals with vibration, its expression as sound, the manifestation of sound as language and the translation of language from an aural to a visual experience. The interactive installation “Pranava” plays with the Eastern idea […]



2013 Season Call for Submissions

 Be part of our new season! Call for Submissions BLINK GALLERY 2013 Exhibition Season (June to September) Blink is currently accepting submissions for another active and engaging season. Exhibitions are one to two weeks in length and feature the work of member and guest artists. Blink is a non-profit, Ottawa-based […]

BLACK VELVET thursday Eve

BLINK Gallery presents (Black velvet Captain Kirk artwork is sadly unavailable) BLACK VELVET Just across the road from the National Gallery, Blink hosts an alternative to the Caravaggio blockbuster. Inspired by the Italian master, Blink members have mixed some emotional chiaroscuro into their paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed-media works. Season […]