Tom Evans

LITTER/LITTORAL photogenic wash

Stumbling around the edge of the river below BLINK, I twisted an ankle and was forced to rely on our photographer friend, Tom Evans, to provide documentation. With his camera, Tom painted stunning images out of my meagre brushstrokes marking garbage. Please come and join us this weekend for our final […]


DSC_0732 copyb

EXPLORING SPACE: Karina Kraenzle – BLINK Artist Residency

  Artist Statement: Though originally expecting to be exploring the space in and around Header House for my first Blink Artist Residency, I’ve chosen instead to explore a different kind of space – the pictorial kind – through the art of collage, something I’ve always wanted to pursue in more […]

Jaenine Parkinson Curates: COLLABORATIONS

For the exhibition Collaborations, the artists of Blink are invited to develop works with other individuals, specialists or groups. The specifics of the relationships and ideas that have grown (or failed to grow) for this exhibition, confront the positivism that currently surrounds the idea of collaborative creation. Through diverse projects that span disciplines and mediums Collaborations makes space […]